4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers


4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers

American flag craft

Since 4th of July is just around the corner, you may be already looking for 4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers. Last weekend we completed this American flag wall hanging – a fun DIY project for preschoolers that does require parental involvement. First, we collected sticks and broke them into shorter 14 inch pieces. Since there are 13 stripes on the American flag, we needed 13 sticks of equal length for the project. Ideally, you would want the sticks to be as straight as possible to simplify the project assembly. As you can see in the pictures, our sticks were a bit too crooked, so it was a bit of a task to tie them together. We painted the sticks with the same Crayola washable paint we used for the Cardboard fairy house. Children can paint the sticks completely on their own after you separate the sticks into 4 groups: 3 sticks to be painted red, 3 sticks to be painted white, 3 sticks to be painted white and blue, and 4 sticks to be painted red and blue. I suggest working with one color at a time. For the two-colored sticks, have your child paint two thirds of three sticks white and two thirds of four sticks red, then finish all seven sticks with blue. Let the sticks dry, then tie them together with twine or metal wire: alternate the white and red sticks to form the American flag with red and white stripes and a blue rectangle. We used simple knots to tie the sticks together – first tie the twine around the first stick, than tie 3-4 additional knots before tying the next stick into the flag. If your sticks are pretty straight, the additional knots may be unnecessary. The final step of the project is to draw 50 white dots or stars on the blue rectangle. If you use washable paint, display the finished wall hanging indoors or on a covered porch to prevent paint from washing off.

4th of July crafts for preschoolers

American flag craft project

Not ready to take on the American flag wall hanging project, here are a few other  4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers on the Web:

4th of July rockets

4th of July rock painting

4th of July flag banner

4th of July paper lanterns

Sparkling fireworks

American flag out of popsicle sticks

Also, if you have enough red, white, and blue LEGO blocks in your Lego collection, kids can make an American flag out of LEGOs. Unfortunately, we did not have enough Lego pieces to do all 13 stripes and 50 stars, but, other than that, our mini flag turned out pretty good 🙂

4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers

And if your preschooler enjoys coloring, here’s a link to American Flag coloring pages. A colored “USA with coloring key” page is featured below:

4th of July coloring sheet

USA flag coloring page



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