Cardboard Fairy House

Cardboard Fairy House

Cardboard Fairy House

Do you have a cardboard box you would like to re-purpose into a cardboard fairy house? It’s a fun and creative project that kids and parents can work on together as a team. An older child can cut out the cardboard and construction paper pieces needed for the project and help glue them together. Both, younger and older children, will enjoy the opportunity to express their artistic talents when decorating the fairy house.

Before I go into detailed instructions for the project, I would like to thank Lorraine at “IkatBag” blog for the inspiration – here’s a link to the cylindrical cardboard houses featured on her blog.

Cardboard fairy house 

Materials needed: medium sized cardboard box, construction paper, a pencil, a pair of scissors, school glue (or a stronger adhesive), paint (we used Crayola washable paint) and paint brushes, a ruler, a pencil compass or a plate, 8.25 inches in diameter.

Instructions – how we did it: First, cut out a cardboard circle, 8.25 inches in diameter, to be used as fairy house base. Then, cut out a rectangular, 7 inches by 18.5 inches for the house walls (the dimensions include allowance needed to attach the roof to the house walls, the house to the base, and the two sides of the cardboard rectangular together). Gradually bend the cardboard rectangular to shape it into a cylinder, as shown in photo #3 in the photo collage below.

Cardboard Fairy House DIY

Out of construction paper, cut out another circle, at least 8.25 inches in diameter, for the roof (you can make it slightly larger, if you would like).

cut a quadrant out of a circle

Cut a quadrant out, leaving a tab for gluing the roof together, as shown in the photo above.

glue the roof together into a cone

Form the circle into a cone and glue it in place to form a roof.

Form the cardboard rectangular into a cylinder

Before gluing rectangular sides together, cut out windows and a door and, in order to attach the roof and the base, make small cuts all around the perimeter of the cylinder, both top and bottom.

Form the cardboard rectangular into a cylinder and glue or tape it in place

Form the cardboard rectangular into a cylinder and glue it together. School glue alone may not be strong enough to keep the walls attached.  If you have a hot glue gun, I recommend using it instead. We ended up using staples and tape (on the inside), in addition to the glue.

make a fairy house out of cardboard

We painted our cardboard fairy house base green to make it look like grass. We also cut out a smaller circle out of brown construction paper for a stronger bond between the base and the house walls. We glued the cardboard cylinder on to the brown circle, and the brown circle on to the green base.

attach roof on to cardboard house

Finally, attach the roof on to the cardboard cylinder, using a combination of glue and tape.

cardboard fairy house

Once the cardboard fairy house construction is complete, I recommend letting the house dry at least 30 minutes before decorating. As I mentioned earlier, we used Crayola washable paint to decorate the fairy house.

paint cardboard fairy house

Decorating is the best part of the project – kids get to help turn a plain and boring cardboard structure into a bright and colorful house for fairies or dolls.

cardboard fairy house DIY

If you decide to try out the project, please leave a comment on this blog post. We would love to hear from you. Also, if you would like to use one of our photos for your blog, please be sure to link back to the post 🙂

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