Father’s Day Personalized cards

Father’s Day is June 15th, 2014, and there’s still time to create a customized card Father’s Day Personalized cards at Cardstore! Simply find a design you like, add your own photo(s), and make it your own with a personalized message of your choice! Need ideas? Google “Father’s Day Quotes,” search Pinterest, or browse other cards to find the wording you like. I have ordered from Cardstore several times, and they are super quick, when it comes to shipping, and the quality of cards is simply outstanding. I ordered my Father’s Day card last week and had it in my mailbox in just a few days.

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Cardstore also has an option of personalizing your card with your signature and mailing it directly to your Dad or Grandpa, and right now get a free stamp with your card purchase, if you use this Code CAH4335 – $1.49 Father’s Day Cards + Free Stamp , Valid through 6/9/14 at Cardstore.com

Also, be sure to check out this video about one of the world’s toughest jobs and our DIY Father’s Day gift idea from kids.

Halloween toilet paper roll crafts for kids

Halloween toilet paper craftsPaper roll crafts are very popular these days, and there are a few reasons for it: they are easy to make, most of the materials needed for paper roll craft projects are readily available at home, and you get to re-purpose items that would otherwise be discarded. Since it is almost September and some of us are already starting to prepare and decorate for Halloween, I figured that now would be a good time to post about Halloween toilet paper roll crafts for kids.

toilet paper roll crafts kids

For this project, you will need toilet paper rolls, construction or craft paper, glue, scissors, and paint. Markers or oil pastels for decoration are optional. Get all the supplies ready, fold the tops of toilet paper rolls as shown in the photo collage below, and have kids paint all paper rolls different colors (Crayola washable kids paint is perfect for the project). Let the paper rolls dry, then let kids decorate the paper rolls in any way they like: a witch, a bat, a spider, an owl, a vampire, a monster, a pumpkin – just a few Halloween characters them may want to make. Craft paper can be used for wings, vampire cap, or facial features. Create a Halloween display out of your child’s paper roll crafts – great way to add free/ inexpensive holiday decor to your home, and kids will be so proud to show off their creations to friends and family 🙂

Halloween Toilet paper crafts for kids

You may also like these creative ways to re-purpose paper rolls:

Fun Halloween characters made out of toilet paper rolls

Recycled pillow box favors for a Halloween party

Hanging bats out of paper rolls – cool Halloween decoration for your home, with very little help from adults

Pumpkin garland – fun project for a family craft night

Paper Roll painting – easy DIY picture frame

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Father’s Day gift ideas from kids

Father's Day gift ideas from kids

Have you already started thinking about Father’s Day gift ideas from kids? In the US, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and in 2013, the third Sunday in June falls on June 16th.

Father’s Day is a very important holiday for children  to show their love and appreciation for a very special person – Dad. And the best gift a child can give Dad is a handmade gift from the heart. By creating a handmade gift, children not only get an opportunity to express their creativity but they also get to experience the joy of gift giving that comes from making a loved one happy. Raising a child who gives with joy is fundamental to raising a child who cares.

Parents have a great appreciation for handmade gifts made by children. They proudly display them at home and at work and hold on to them for many years. Some even start keepsake boxes to keep all the handmade gifts they received throughout the years.

Today I am sharing this photo tutorial for turning cardboard box into canvas for kids art. Once canvas are ready, kids can decorate it with glitter glue, paint, or construction paper and write “I love Dad” or “Happy Father’s Day” on it. The artwork can be given as a gift for Father’s Day and then displayed on Dad’s desk or a wall (to hang, simply make a small hole on the back side of the canvas).

Father's Day gift ideas from kids

“I love Dad” picture on cardboard canvas – Father’s day gift from kids

The photo tutorial should be easy to follow, but if you need further explanation, please comment on the post, and I will do my best to explain how to put the canvas together.

Please also check out these great Father’s Day gift ideas from kids on the web:

Photo book filled with pictures and Q&As about Dad – you can order a softcover photo book for only $3 

Scratch off Father’s Day card 

Tackle box for Dad – box filled with sweet treats

Dad Rocks paperweight

Football pen holder

Candy bar letter for Dad – what an awesome idea!

My Pinterest board: Father’s Day gift ideas from kids


4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers


4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers

American flag craft

Since 4th of July is just around the corner, you may be already looking for 4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers. Last weekend we completed this American flag wall hanging – a fun DIY project for preschoolers that does require parental involvement. First, we collected sticks and broke them into shorter 14 inch pieces. Since there are 13 stripes on the American flag, we needed 13 sticks of equal length for the project. Ideally, you would want the sticks to be as straight as possible to simplify the project assembly. As you can see in the pictures, our sticks were a bit too crooked, so it was a bit of a task to tie them together. We painted the sticks with the same Crayola washable paint we used for the Cardboard fairy house. Children can paint the sticks completely on their own after you separate the sticks into 4 groups: 3 sticks to be painted red, 3 sticks to be painted white, 3 sticks to be painted white and blue, and 4 sticks to be painted red and blue. I suggest working with one color at a time. For the two-colored sticks, have your child paint two thirds of three sticks white and two thirds of four sticks red, then finish all seven sticks with blue. Let the sticks dry, then tie them together with twine or metal wire: alternate the white and red sticks to form the American flag with red and white stripes and a blue rectangle. We used simple knots to tie the sticks together – first tie the twine around the first stick, than tie 3-4 additional knots before tying the next stick into the flag. If your sticks are pretty straight, the additional knots may be unnecessary. The final step of the project is to draw 50 white dots or stars on the blue rectangle. If you use washable paint, display the finished wall hanging indoors or on a covered porch to prevent paint from washing off.

4th of July crafts for preschoolers

American flag craft project

Not ready to take on the American flag wall hanging project, here are a few other  4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers on the Web:

4th of July rockets

4th of July rock painting

4th of July flag banner

4th of July paper lanterns

Sparkling fireworks

American flag out of popsicle sticks

Also, if you have enough red, white, and blue LEGO blocks in your Lego collection, kids can make an American flag out of LEGOs. Unfortunately, we did not have enough Lego pieces to do all 13 stripes and 50 stars, but, other than that, our mini flag turned out pretty good 🙂

4th of July craft ideas for preschoolers

And if your preschooler enjoys coloring, here’s a link to American Flag coloring pages. A colored “USA with coloring key” page is featured below:

4th of July coloring sheet

USA flag coloring page



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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I just got an Email from York Photo, and they are running some great specials for Father’s Day, including an 11″ x 14″ poster for only $1, a softcover book for $3, and 40 free prints upon registration. Don’t miss out on the savings!

Happy Father's Day - 5X7 Custom Softcover Photo Book - Only $3 - Save $7.99!

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Happy Father’s Day – 5X7 Custom Softcover Photo Book – Only $3 – Save $7.99! Use Code: DADBOOK.  Order Quantity Limited to 1 Book. S&H Not Included. Ordered Online. One Time Use. Cannot Combine Coupon Codes. Offer For New Customers Only. Exp. 06-08-2013.

Happy Father’s Day: Custom Photo iPhone Cases – Just $10 – Save $19.99! Use Code: TENPHONE. S&H Not Included. Order Quantity Limited to 1. Ordered Online. One Time Use. Cannot Combine Coupon Codes. Offer For New Customers Only. Exp. 06-10-2013.

If you haven’t visited York Photo store, you will be pleasantly surprised with the great array of customized gifts they have to offer. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th, 2013 – be sure to stop by York Photo website for unique Father’s Day gift ideas.

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift ideas

Unique and useful gift for teacher

As another school year is coming to an end, it’s time to express appreciation for what teachers do for our children – after all, your child’s class teacher is one of the most important adults in your kid’s life for the entire school year. Next week, May 6th through May 10th, 2013 is Teacher Appreciation week.

Most educators will modestly tell you that the best gift for teachers is seeing their students succeed.  But if you want to give them a gift, we have a few ideas for you. A gift for a teacher doesn’t have to be expensive. A handmade note, a craft, or a small gift for $10-$15 – whatever fits your budget. In fact, a “Thank you” note is the #1 gift teachers would love to receive – it’s good to know they are appreciated.

Keep in mind that there are some gifts you may want to avoid – like trinkets, candles, lotion, mugs, and “apple for the teacher” store bought items. If you don’t want to add to a pile of gifts that teachers may have little use for or have received too many of, a $10-$15 gift card to the teacher’s favorite store or a $5-$10 Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tropical Smoothie Cafe gift card along with a “Thank you” note will be gladly received. Want to be a little more creative with gift giving and need a few more Teacher Appreciation Week Gift ideas? Consider these neat stamps from FishCakes on Etsy – teachers will find these stamps useful and very unique – and, most likely, they don’t have a set of these just yet! A set of 4 stamps is $16.50 plus $2.25 for Shipping in the US. For just under $20, you can give a gift that will save an educator some time when they grade students homework and will put smiles on students’ faces. Thank you, Voz for the permission to use your photos on our site.


Teacher Appreciation week gift ideas

Rubber stamps for teachers

And if you are a Do-it-Yourself type of person, stop by our Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas board on Pinterest for creative ideas for wrapping candy bars, gum, and homemade sweets, assembling a gift basket or tower, gift wrapping a flower pot and more. Also be sure to check out these links to free printables for your DIY projects:

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Cards

Free Printable Teacher Appreciation Card Kit

Free “Thanks A Latte” Coffee gift card holder printable

Free Fruit Tags Printables

“I couldn’t have picked a better teacher” free printable

“We need s’more teachers like you” goodie bag printable

Have fun expressing your appreciation for your child’s class teacher and don’t forget about the “Specials” teachers – they too will appreciate small gifts and “Thank you” notes!

Easy to make Easter garland

Easy to make Easter garland

Easy to make Easter garland

This Easter, add festive decor to your home with this easy to make Easter garland.  This project will only take an hour or two to complete, depending on the desired length of the garland. Make it a family project, with kids and adults decorating their own Easter garland egg pieces. If you are expecting family and friends to visit you this Easter, the garland will be a great conversation piece, and your kids will be proud to show off their creation. For this project, you will need construction paper or heavy stock rainbow colored paper (we used Wausau cardstock paper), scissors, twine or ribbon, and pencils, crayons, markers, or stickers for decorating. A hole puncher would come handy, if you have one. First, cut out an Easter egg shape – you can either draw your own or use the  Easter egg template from Marin Mommies (look for “get it here” link in the second paragraph). If you decide to draw your own template, you will then need to trace it to make all Easter egg garland pieces the same size. If you use the template from Marin Mommies, you can print it directly on the construction paper. You will need an egg per 3 inches of the length of your garland (for example 24 pieces per 75 inch long garland – 24 x 3 + 3 additional inches for garland ties). Once you cut out the egg shapes with scissors (this is something that kids will probably be more than happy to help you with),  punch a hole in the top of each egg (at least quarter of an inch down from the top edge).

Easter Egg garland pieces

Easter egg garland pieces

Now divide the egg shapes between your family members and have them decorate their own garland pieces. Encourage creativity, so that each and every piece of your Easter garland is unique.  Once everyone is finished, tie the eggs on a ribbon, securing each egg in place with a knot.

Make Easter egg garland with kids

Make Easter egg garland with kids

Now hang the garland up and enjoy the festive Easter decoration! Happy Easter to you and your family!

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Easter Egg fillers for kids

Easter egg fillers

Easter egg filler ideas for kids

With only a few days left until Easter, your kids are getting excited in anticipation of Easter Egg hunts. If you haven’t picked up Easter Egg fillers for kidswe have a few suggestions for making Easter Egg hunt a bit more thrilling this year. Sure, kids love candy, and looking for Easter eggs is a thrill in itself. But adding non-candy egg fillers makes Easter Egg hunt even more fun and exciting – kids will have no clue what’s in the next egg they find, so each and every egg will be a surprise. Some of the Easter egg fillers featured here may be a chocking hazard for younger kids, so if you are planning an egg hunt for younger toddlers, be sure to choose toys appropriate for kids under 3 years old.

Best Easter Egg fillers for kids:

1) Small toys. How about a dinosaur hatching from an egg, tiny cars, Littlest pet shop teensies for preschoolers and elementary school aged kids or Little People for toddlers?

Small toys as Easter egg fillers

Small toys Easter egg fillers

2) LEGO Minifigures and LEGO bricks. They are a hit with kids ages 4 and up! Since buying LEGO minifigures individually can be pricey, consider buying a set and filling eggs with both, LEGO bricks and LEGO figures.

Lego Minifigures

Lego Minifigures

3) Coins! Children love finding coins in Easter eggs. Quarters, pennies, nickels, and dimes – any coins will do.

Coins in Easter Eggs

Coins in Easter Eggs

4) Hair accessories for girls – cute hair clips, pony tail holders, headbands – any small hair accessories that will fit in an Easter egg. Dollar stores usually have a great selection of hair accessory sets for just a $1.

Hair accessories as Easter Egg fillers

Hair accessories for girls

5) Healthy snacks, such as Annie’s bunny crackers or raisins will make great Easter egg fillers for toddlers.

Organic snacks for toddlers

Easter Egg fillers for toddlers

6) Kawaii Japanese erasers come in so many cute designs and are just the right size to fit in a plastic Easter egg. Many kids ages 5 buy them at school book fairs, collect them, and trade them with friends.

Kawaii Erasers for kids ages 5 and up

Kawaii erasers for kids ages 5 and up

7) Jewelry for girls – bracelets, silly bands, necklaces, plastic rings. Make your little girl’s day by adding a few things to her jewelry collection.

Jewelry for girls

Jewelry for girls

8) Stickers

9) Tattoos

10) Bounce balls

11) Bath toys

12) Mini bubble bottles

13) Gum (gum balls or gum sticks)

14) Fruit snacks

15) Mini stampers

Easter Egg filler ideas for kids

Easter Egg filler ideas for kids

Happy Easter! Have a great Easter egg hunt, and don’t forget to remind your children about the true meaning of Easter.