Stamping for kids

stamping for kidsToday I am sharing a fun and easy creative project for toddlers and preschoolers – stamping for kids. It’s an open-ended art project that will help your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Most likely, you already have all the materials required for the art activity. All you need is a few pencils with eraser tops, an ink pad, and a few sheets of copy paper, craft paper, or cardstock. Show your child how to make a simple picture using the eraser tops as stampers. Here are a few ideas of what you and your child can stamp together: a flower, a tree, a house, a boat, a rainbow, a robot, a butterfly, a rocket, a truck, or you may just want to create a colorful page of confetti. Once your child grasps the concept, suggest that he or she completes a picture completely on his or her own. Open-ended art projects work wonders for developing creativity. Remind your child to use a different pencil for each one of the colors on the ink pad to keep your ink pad clean for future use.

art project for kids

Using this stamping technique, your child can create thank you and special occasion cards or frameable artwork you can put up on the wall in kids room. Instead of paper, consider using fabric for this activity. Stamping for kids is perfect for keeping kids occupied and away from TV while you are getting things done around the house.

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