Easter Egg fillers for kids

Easter egg fillers

Easter egg filler ideas for kids

With only a few days left until Easter, your kids are getting excited in anticipation of Easter Egg hunts. If you haven’t picked up Easter Egg fillers for kidswe have a few suggestions for making Easter Egg hunt a bit more thrilling this year. Sure, kids love candy, and looking for Easter eggs is a thrill in itself. But adding non-candy egg fillers makes Easter Egg hunt even more fun and exciting – kids will have no clue what’s in the next egg they find, so each and every egg will be a surprise. Some of the Easter egg fillers featured here may be a chocking hazard for younger kids, so if you are planning an egg hunt for younger toddlers, be sure to choose toys appropriate for kids under 3 years old.

Best Easter Egg fillers for kids:

1) Small toys. How about a dinosaur hatching from an egg, tiny cars, Littlest pet shop teensies for preschoolers and elementary school aged kids or Little People for toddlers?

Small toys as Easter egg fillers

Small toys Easter egg fillers

2) LEGO Minifigures and LEGO bricks. They are a hit with kids ages 4 and up! Since buying LEGO minifigures individually can be pricey, consider buying a set and filling eggs with both, LEGO bricks and LEGO figures.

Lego Minifigures

Lego Minifigures

3) Coins! Children love finding coins in Easter eggs. Quarters, pennies, nickels, and dimes – any coins will do.

Coins in Easter Eggs

Coins in Easter Eggs

4) Hair accessories for girls – cute hair clips, pony tail holders, headbands – any small hair accessories that will fit in an Easter egg. Dollar stores usually have a great selection of hair accessory sets for just a $1.

Hair accessories as Easter Egg fillers

Hair accessories for girls

5) Healthy snacks, such as Annie’s bunny crackers or raisins will make great Easter egg fillers for toddlers.

Organic snacks for toddlers

Easter Egg fillers for toddlers

6) Kawaii Japanese erasers come in so many cute designs and are just the right size to fit in a plastic Easter egg. Many kids ages 5 buy them at school book fairs, collect them, and trade them with friends.

Kawaii Erasers for kids ages 5 and up

Kawaii erasers for kids ages 5 and up

7) Jewelry for girls – bracelets, silly bands, necklaces, plastic rings. Make your little girl’s day by adding a few things to her jewelry collection.

Jewelry for girls

Jewelry for girls

8) Stickers

9) Tattoos

10) Bounce balls

11) Bath toys

12) Mini bubble bottles

13) Gum (gum balls or gum sticks)

14) Fruit snacks

15) Mini stampers

Easter Egg filler ideas for kids

Easter Egg filler ideas for kids

Happy Easter! Have a great Easter egg hunt, and don’t forget to remind your children about the true meaning of Easter.


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