Easy breakfast recipe for kids

Easy breakfast recipe for kids

Today, I am sharing an easy breakfast recipe for kids. This breakfast sandwich will take only a few minutes to make and will provide plenty of protein for kids growing bodies and tons of energy to take on the day.

All of the ingredients I used for the easy breakfast recipe for kids come from “Trader Joe’s.”  I am probably one of the most loyal customers of  the grocery chain as I drive 2+ hours to stock up on food for 2-3 weeks. In our area, we have a very limited selection of organics, and grocery prices are through the roof  (our grocery store prices are at least double of what “Trader Joe’s” charges for comparable items), so the drive is really worth it, especially if you are trying to go organic on a budget.

Ingredients list: cooking spray, sourdough bread (or whole grain bread, English muffin, bagel, or croissant), Canadian bacon, organic eggs or healthy eggs from farms that follow responsible farming methods, organic cheese or cheese made from milk from cows not treated with artificial hormones.

 Instructions: Ask kids to get all the ingredients ready for you. Even the simple steps make them feel important and involved in meal preparation. Turn stove burner to medium heat (I start with setting 5, and then turn it down to 4). Crack an egg in a bowl, beat the egg,  and add salt and pepper to taste (kids can help with beating the egg or adding spices). Fry the egg on both sides, then add a slice of cheese on top of the egg and let it cook for a minute or so. Then add 2-3 slices of Canadian bacon and turn the egg+cheese+Canadian bacon over and let it fry for another minute, then remove it from the pan. Now fry bread for 30-45 seconds on each side. Make a sandwich and serve warm.

easy breakfast recipe for kids

According to the labels of ingredients I used to make the sandwich, an egg contains 7 grams of protein, a slice of cheese – another 7 grams of protein, and a slice of Canadian bacon – around 3.33 grams of protein. That’s at least 20 grams of protein per sandwich!

And, just in case you are looking for breakfast ideas for Father’s Day, this is the perfect easy breakfast recipe for kids to help you make – Dad-tested and approved 🙂

You can also make this sandwich on a grill, check out this recipe: Camping Food Breakfast sandwich.

This guest post was written by Eva B, Mom of an 8 year old girl.
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