Father’s Day gift ideas from kids

Father's Day gift ideas from kids

Have you already started thinking about Father’s Day gift ideas from kids? In the US, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and in 2013, the third Sunday in June falls on June 16th.

Father’s Day is a very important holiday for children  to show their love and appreciation for a very special person – Dad. And the best gift a child can give Dad is a handmade gift from the heart. By creating a handmade gift, children not only get an opportunity to express their creativity but they also get to experience the joy of gift giving that comes from making a loved one happy. Raising a child who gives with joy is fundamental to raising a child who cares.

Parents have a great appreciation for handmade gifts made by children. They proudly display them at home and at work and hold on to them for many years. Some even start keepsake boxes to keep all the handmade gifts they received throughout the years.

Today I am sharing this photo tutorial for turning cardboard box into canvas for kids art. Once canvas are ready, kids can decorate it with glitter glue, paint, or construction paper and write “I love Dad” or “Happy Father’s Day” on it. The artwork can be given as a gift for Father’s Day and then displayed on Dad’s desk or a wall (to hang, simply make a small hole on the back side of the canvas).

Father's Day gift ideas from kids

“I love Dad” picture on cardboard canvas – Father’s day gift from kids

The photo tutorial should be easy to follow, but if you need further explanation, please comment on the post, and I will do my best to explain how to put the canvas together.

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