Good Parenting Quote by Haim Ginott

Good parenting quotes

Good parenting quote by Haim Ginott

“Treat a child as though he already is the person he’s capable of becoming.” This good parenting quote by Haim Ginott reflects his philosophy of education and family communication.  Haim Ginott was a teacher, a parent educator, a child psychologist, and the author of “Between Parent and Child” – the bestselling book that has helped millions of parents and teachers strengthen their relationships with children. Every child is a little person, and, therefore, should be treated like one. Positive reinforcement is better than criticism, giving your child limited options is better than choosing for him or her, acknowledging a child’s feelings and opinions is better than arguing. Respect is the key to successful parenting, no matter how young the child is. If you need advice on how to discipline your children, want to help your kids develop self-confidence, or are looking for guidance on how to build trust with children, Haim Ginott’s book is a must read.


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