Make Fairy House from natural materials

Make Fairy house kidsA fairy house is a fun and very easy project kids can make with your help or even on their own. Most of the supplies for making a fairy house can be found outdoors. Building a fairy house is a great family activity that brings out imagination and creativity. And with warm weather rolling in, we all could use an extra excuse to spend an hour or two outside. Although younger kids will probably need some help from Mom and Dad, kids ages 6 and up are capable of making unique creations all on their own. Siblings can choose to work on the project together or independently. There are no set guidelines for constructing a fairy house. Leaves, sticks, stones, moss, pine straw, pine cones, flowers, grass – any natural materials will do. We do suggest using Play-doh to make the fairy house more sturdy and a piece of cardboard for base, but you may want to go 100% natural, and that’s fine too. The fairy house featured here was built by a preschooler and a 9-year old, with a little help from an adult.

Below is a photo of all supplies used for this project, including sticks, leaves, pine straw, pine cones, a flower, play-doh, shells, cardboard, and kids jewelry making supplies for decoration. Hunting for natural supplies is quite an adventure – you just never know what you are going to find in your yard!


Fairy House supplies

Supplies needed to make a fairy house

Fairy House Assembly – work in progress:

Fairy house instructions

Here’s a photo of the completed fairy house – view from the back.

Fairy House DIY

Move-in Ready Fairy house

 Don’t forget to add some furniture and plant some trees!

Fairy House furniture

Fairies will appreciate all the hard work your kids put into making a fairy house!

Make Fairy house kids

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