Ocean Play Dough Collage

ocean play dough collageI tend to favorite open-ended projects.  They are very beneficial to children because they allow kids to use imagination and express creativity and THEIR view of the world without any limitations of step-by-step instructions. The ocean play dough collage featured here is a vivid example of an open-ended project that started with a sheet of construction paper, play dough in four different colors, and a few sea shells. There were no instructions to follow – just craft supplies and a theme. We simply added one object at a time to create the ocean play dough collage, and it turned out beautiful. We started out with a mermaid and a castle, then added some sand and sea weed. We wanted to put sea shells to good use, so we used them to decorate the castle, and then added a creature to the cone-shaped shell and connected two sea shells with play dough to display a precious pearl.

As the brainstorming session for this open-ended project continued, sea turtles, fish, a sea horse, starfish, and a jellyfish also joined our Ocean Life Aquarium. Play dough is the perfect art medium that can be used to create multi-dimensional projects. I also love the fact that you can use play dough as clay or clue to hold different objects in place – kids can incorporate a variety of objects like sticks, stones, sea shells and cardboard into their artwork. Here’s an example of how we used play dough to build a fairy house out of natural materials.

An ocean play dough collage is easy enough to be completed by a preschooler. Although it may be a good idea for an adult and a child to work on the project as a team – collaboration can produce some outstanding results 🙂 If you do decide to try out the ocean-themed project, please do shoot us an Email at info@parenting-today.com. We would love to feature your child’s artwork on our website.

And here’s a bigger image of the collage for you to get a better look:

ocean play dough collage

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