Salads for toddlers

food for picky eaters

Salad for toddler

Toddlers are well-known for being the pickiest eaters.  Coming up with a healthy diet for your family is difficult enough, and cooking a separate meal for a kid after a long workday is not exactly something you may have time or desire for. If a salad is on your dinner or lunch menu, here’s a simple idea on how to make salads for toddlers without making a special meal just for him or her. If your child refuses to eat a mixed salad, try a different approach – cut salad ingredients and arrange them on a plate, without mixing them. Toddlers do like finger foods and may be more willing to try things if they are presented in a way that appeals to them. Although they may not eat everything on the plate, they are very likely to eat at least a portion of the serving.  If you are persistent and continue offering favorite foods along with new nutritious choices on a regular basis, without forcing your child to eat it, you will be able to avoid power struggles and encourage your child to try new  foods. It takes little kids time to accept new textures and new tastes, so allow them to make the decision on their own – they might surprise you. Does your child have a favorite dressing? Ranch, maybe? Serve the salad ingredients with ranch on the side and encourage your toddler to eat with fingers or a fork and dip veggies in dressing. Two, three, and four year olds like to feel at least a little in control,  they like choices. You may have to offer new foods at least ten times for your child to show any interest in eating them. But presenting your child with choices satisfies your child’s need for control over what they do.  And, since it’s up to you, as a parent, to decide what food options your child is presented with, you accomplish your goal of raising a healthy eater but avoid the power struggles.


salads for toddlers

Salads for toddlers

Be sure to check out this article 5 Kid Friendly Dinner Salads for more ideas for salads for toddlers. If your toddler goes to preschool, you may also like Organic snacks for kids lunches.

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3 comments to Salads for toddlers

  • Lisa

    I heard that lettuce has no nutritional value, why do you recommend it as a healthy food choice?

  • Lisa,

    We appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. First, the salad photo used in the post is for illustrational purposes only. The main idea of the article is to serve salads without mixing ingredients, and it’s completely up to you to decide what ingredients to use. Second, it’s a common misconception that lettuce has no nutritional value. It is true, iceberg lettuce is far less nutritious than spinach or romaine lettuce, but here’s the nutrition data for lettuce: If you picky eater will eat spinach or romaine lettuce, sure, they are great choices for a salad. But it’s also OK if iceberg lettuce is the only leaf vegetable your toddler will eat. You may find this blog post helpful:

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